We specialise in natural and relaxed, story-telling wedding photography. We simply embrace the emotions that surround us on the day and capture the laughter, smiles and tears with true and honest images. We won't direct or ask you to stop what you are doing and pose for the camera, we will just catch the moment when it happens naturally.

The great thing about there being two of us...we can capture your day from different perspectives, and it means we have more time to get some beautiful shots of your guests having an awesome time. You've paid good money to spend your day with those closest and dearest to you, so when you look through your wedding photos it's lovely to look back and see that your family and friends also had a wonderful time.

Some frequently asked questions...

Where are you based?

We are mainly based in Hertfordshire (where Steph lives,) but we also work from Bristol (where Abi lives) and are more than happy to travel throughout the UK and worldwide.


Do you charge extra for travel?

All of our packages include travel up to 100 miles from either SG11 (Ware, Herts) or BS4 (Bristol). If your wedding venue is further than 100 miles, we will charge up to £1.00 per mile for each extra mile. If your wedding venue is more than 2 hours drive we will need to travel to you the day before your wedding and spend the night so we are well rested and fresh as daisies in the morning to start capturing your day, so this will just be the cost of a hotel / B&B room.


Pre-wedding consult ... when, how, where?

We don't charge to hand out information and advice, therefore the pre-wedding consult can be had without any obligation to book - we feel it is important for you to like, get on with, and feel relaxed with us. So basically, we can meet with you to discuss your requirements before or after you decide that you would like us to be your photographers. We prefer to meet at tour wedding venue, though in the first instance this isn't a necessity and we can have a casual chat over tea or coffee and cake, or over skype if you are further away. We are happy to travel within 30 miles of either of our postcodes (SG11 or BS4), or we can travel further for up to £1.00 per extra mile.


What if we don't require two photographers, can we just have one?

No, we come as a package :) Neither of us is the "main photographer", we both have parts of the day that we prefer to shoot. The big advantages of having two photographers is that there is more time to capture you and your guests naturally, and there are also parts of the day we can get from different perspectives.


What time will you start?

This is up to you, as it depends on when your ceremony starts and if you would like Bridal prep photos.  If you would like bridal prep photos we recommend that we start 1.5 - 2 hours before you aim to be ready. If you are not a fan of having bridal prep photos then we like to start 45 minutes before the start of the ceremony, so we can capture the Groom and his men and your guests arriving.


What time will you finish?

This again is up to you and depends on how much coverage you choose and when we start. We do love to stay till well after the first dance and capture the spirit and atmosphere of the party. This tends to be when everyone lets their hair down and be a bit more relaxed and free, and we think its great for you to look through your story of images and see that all your guests had a just as fantastic a time as you did :D


Will you do posed group pictures?

Yes. Although this tends to be the least favourite part of a wedding for most involved, we understand that for some it is is just a necessity. We like to get these done as quickly as possible so you and your guests can get back to enjoying your day, therefore, we recommend you limit this to a maximum of 30 minutes which would be approximately 8 shots depending on the size of the groups. A couple of weeks before the wedding, we will ask you for a list of the group photos you would like so we can assess how long it should take. If you aren't having a Master of Ceremonies / Toastmaster, it saves time if the Best Man and Ushers can grab the guests that are needed for the photos.


How many pictures will we receive?

This depends on the package, but between 300+ and 550+.


 Are the photos on the USB stick copyright free?

Your high resolution, edited images on the USB stick will be watermark and logo free. They also come with a print license, which means you are free to print, enlarge, and make copies for your own personal use and for friends and family, and you can upload them onto social media.


 When will we be able to view our photos?

We don't want to rush through your wedding, we like to be able to take our time and choose the images carefully so as to perfectly tell the story of your day, we then edit the chosen images to give them a beautiful, soft and dreamyl finish.  This usually takes around 4 weeks, but during busier times of the year it may take longer, so we allow ourselves up to 12 weeks.


 Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured including public liability insurance.


 Do you require a deposit?

Yes, to secure your wedding date we require 25% of the package price. The remaining balance will be due one calendar month before the date of your wedding.


 We have emailed you but haven't had anything back yet...

We usually respond to emails and message within a few hours, if you haven't received anything after 24 hours, check your junk folder, or drop us a line. We can't always answer our phones but if you leave a voicemail we will get back to you as soon as we can :)